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Sunday, January 05, 2014

Slo-Mo Staycation

Lamecation Also Works As A Title

Note to self:  When taking a vacation, GO THE F#%K SOMEWHERE!!

Sitting around the house is not nearly as enjoyable as I imagined.  Restful?

Well, not really.

See, Uncle Robert, who was previously dying, then not dying, is now dying again.

He was rallying for a couple of weeks, but took a turn for the worse a couple of days ago.

So, every time the phone rings, it's got that element of suspense to it.  Not good for a restful vacation.

Verbum Sapienti Satis Est:  If any of y'all are still pulling tobacco smoke into your lungs, cut that shit out.  Please.  This is what it leads to.   Hooked up to tubes in an ICU.

That is all.  More later...