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Friday, December 27, 2013

Holiday Minutiae

We Need A Margarita Machine At The Office...

Just some random bits & pieces from the last few days.

I went to the annual Xmas bash at a friend's childhood home.  We've been doing this since high school.  His folks still live there, and invite the old gang over for an evening of catch-up and holiday merriment.

Kind of bittersweet this year.  They've sold off their Surfside beach house which was a beacon of fun & crispy epidermi during high school & beyond.  Can't really blame them, upkeep on a beach house is way spendy, and renting it out comes with its own set of headaches.  Ah, well.  Farewell, Summer Solstice, locale of my first salt-water knob-job...

We did the usual White Elephant gift exchange at the party, the twist this year being that if someone wanted to swipe your gift instead of picking a wrapped gift, you could defend from the swipe by drawing a card and performing the action listed.  They ranged from "Recite a classic poem from memory" to "Recite pop music lyrics as if they were epic poetry".

No good White Elephant gifts for me this year.  Usually I can get something really odd, but I picked the wrong package and ended up with some "designer" Ralph Lauren potpourri and a stinky candle.
I opened the bag, and it was full of wood chips, dried fungi, citrus peels and a desiccated starfish or two, all soaked in Pine-Sol or something.   I announced with a grin "This is the nastiest batch of trail mix I've ever seen!"

Saw a couple of flicks out of the Redbox.  Don't know if they're to everyone's taste, but I got a kick out of 'em.  The 'Lone Ranger' reboot with Johnny Depp as Tonto, and '2 Guns' with Denzel Washington & Marky Mark.  Both were pretty much mindless popcorn-munchers, and just the thing for a lazy holiday afternoon.

As I was pulling them out of the Redbox at a local convenience store, the trash truck pulled up next to the store to empty their dumpster.  As the truck was easing forward, I catch this flash of brown fur rocketing off the roof of the truck, scamper down the windshield and land with an audible *THUMP* on the pavement.  It was a big fat raccoon that had apparently been dumped into the truck's catch bin at a previous stop, and wanted no more of the joyride!

It waddled away at high speed to God knows where...  It was broad daylight in the middle of a busy shopping area, not quite the environment a coon enjoys!

Two days off, then two days back on, then I'm off for a week for New Years.  Y'all have a great weekend!