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Friday, December 13, 2013

Sheer Perfection for $19.99???

Gunsmithing?  No, This Is More Like GunJonesing.

Well, that's what they're promising, anyway...

I'm still working on that bullet-flinger project.  Every time I think I'm finished, I run across some other little widget that promises 100% reliable function and godlike accuracy, and I find myself clicking the "Order" button on a website for the umpteenth time.

There's still more original parts than aftermarket parts, so I haven't gone over the edge yet, but it won't be too long.

The best part?  Haven't been to the range to test it out yet.  Oh, it functions well enough.  Feeds, extracts, leaves a nice firing pin indent on empty cases.  Accuracy?  Not a frickin' clue...

On the plus side, I am getting pretty good at takedown and reassembly.  This thing's a major PITA, but it's loosening up and getting easier.

I did manage to get that pin out of the blind hole.  Turns out (after some pretty intense online searching for solutions) that it's not how hard you wallop the barrel, it's the precise spot that you choose to wallop that does the trick.  Walked that pin right out, it did!

The scope rail is a visual nightmare at the moment.  A grade-A exercise in Bubba gunsmithing.  There's three holes that hold it to the barrel, and each hole currently has a different method of shimming the screw in place.  One's got a #6 lock washer, one's got a tiny copper ring, and the last has a flat brass washer.  I was testing each method out to see which held the best, (each one works equally well) and then I found a brass countersunk washer that will be better than all three. 

Had to order a gross of 'em, though.  Fortunately, they were cheap...

The problem is that the scope rail was meant for screws with countersunk heads, and the only #6-48 x 1/8 screws I can get either have oval heads (which won't bear down enough on the scope rail to hold it) or Fillister heads (which poke up too far and block the scope mounting).

Before you ask, the countersunk screws that came with the rail are #6-40 threaded, meant for a similar aftermarket barrel.

Ah, well.  It'll get sorted out soon enough.

Next up is an adjustable rear sight to replace the notch rear sight (for when the scope isn't mounted), a set of replacement springs, a new firing pin and a better extractor.  Might as well get the adjustable trigger as long as I'm tearing it down!

And maybe a better ejector, and a better sear, and a better disconnect bar, and an extended slide release, and... and... and...