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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

This Crazy Town

High Weirdness Delivered Direct!

Oh, the things you'll see...

First up, the chicken has returned.  The neighbor's Leghorn hen has made my yard a favored locale for scratching and pecking.  As the chicken is basically quiet and doesn't seem to leave piles of chicken shit everywhere, I'm inclined to just let it roam.  Hell, it's eating bugs, after all.

It was poking about the side yard as I was warming up the truck this morning.  It doesn't seem to respond to calls of "Hey, Bird!" or "Here, chickchickchick!"  It's not much of a conversationalist at all, and only discusses dollar bills and male deer if pressed.

For a brief instant this morning, I thought FERRARI MAN!! had returned...

As I was heading into the local QuiKeeMart, I saw a guy pull in in a Porsche Panamera.  After seeing the brutal beatdown the guys on Top Gear gave the four door Porsche, I wondered who might still have the balls to drive one.

Well, this guy was making a statement.  About what, I have no clue...   He had on a flaming red Ferrari ball cap, almost concealed under his hoodie.  And what a hoodie it was...

Ever seen a double-breasted hoodie made out of pinstriped wool?  Damndest article of clothing I've seen in ages.  Looked like an expensive men's business suit, only with an integral hood built into the collar out of the same suit material.

He slunk into the store and made a beeline for the bathroom, staying in there long enough to either drop a deuce or shoot up some smack.  Upon exit, he bought nothing, but dashed out and drive away.

Go figure...  Douchebags on parade!

On the last stretch of road before hitting downtown, I passed an ancient GMC work van completely covered in black & white zebra stripes.  It even had the old hairband "Zebra" logo painted on the side.  I expected it to be driven by some burnt out roadie or 80's metalhead holdover, but the pilot was an ancient Hispanic guy.   Guess he bought the tour van after their reunion tour flamed out.  Zebra was based out of New Orleans, so it's not a huge stretch....