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Friday, October 25, 2013

Shopping For Shooty Things

The Gun Locker Is Starting To Get Crowded...

Once again, I've got some spare cash and I'm looking to expand the collection.  Diving into the Ruger collection scene will have to be delayed for a while.  Right now I've got a wicked long gun jones that needs a fix ASAP.

As usual, Collector's Firearms is there to feed my habit.  The only difference between them and street dealer is that the dealer usually gives you your first taste for free.  I had to pay for everything from Collector's...

This week's candidates:

Finnish Mosin-Nagant:

In the manly and effective caliber of 7.62 x 54R, this is a Russian rework.  At some point the Finns pried loose an old Model 91 from some frozen Russki corpse and redressed it in a Finnish-style stock and with meter sights instead of the old Imperial Roosian "arshins".

I don't yet have a rifle in that caliber, and I'd surely like to have a relic of the Winter War.  A bit pricy at $450, but it looks to be in great shape for its age.  Plus, hex receiver!

Bubba-ed Swiss K31:

The truth is, I've already got one of these.  I took an as-issued K31, butchered the beech stock to fit a scope mount, and hung a Redfield 4X on it.  It's scary-accurate with the Swiss 7.5 x 55 round, but a bit heavy to carry through the Texas brush.

This one's got a custom stock and looks to be about 3 lbs lighter than mine, even with the Leupold 2.5x scope in the scout-style mount.

Sorely tempting, knowing the inherent accuracy.  Also, the scope itself is almost worth the $500 price tag.

Remington 1100 12 Gauge Autoloader

I'm rifle-rich and shotgun poor.  The only scattergun currently in the arsenal collection is the side-by-side 12 ga coach gun.  Fun, but not much use for turkey, doves or waterfowl.

This maple-stocked beauty would certainly fit the bill for bird-busting.  It's a skeet gun, but I imagine it'll do as good a job on real pigeons as on the clay ones.  It comes with a full set of Briley screw-in chokes, so it's certainly versatile.

About $600 to get it out of the store.  Sure is pretty, though...

Webley Mk 1 - .45 ACP

This is not a long gun.  However, it's almost badass enough to justify the $1000 price tag.