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Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Wiggling Reptilian Terror!

Mutual Of Capitan's Wild Kingdom!

I've got a few companions that hang out with me on the front porch as I indulge in the evening cigar routine.

Most of 'em hang out underneath the faux window shutters all  day long, and only show themselves when the porch light is on.

See, the porch light attracts moths and other assorted insects, and these little critters just love to eat some bugs.

I believe they're what's known as Mediterranean house geckos.  They're a lot more reclusive than the green/brown anoles that hang out in the bushes and fences.

Usually they lie in wait for some bug to amble by, and they dash out and make a snap at it.  They're pretty good against beetles and other crawly bugs.  Not so much against anything that flies.

They seem pretty fearless, too.  They'll go after bugs as big as they are, but unless they can get a good portion of the bug into their jaws, the bug has a good chance of fighting free.

To give you some idea of scale of the bugs they tackle, imagine sitting on your porch, and suddenly seeing your neighbor dash out from underneath their van, scamper across the street and stuff half a schnauzer into their face.

I just wish they were big enough to tackle those big-ass cockroaches we've got down here...