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Thursday, September 05, 2013

Bend Over, Here It Come Again...

With Extra Bureaucratic Ribs For Your Pleasure!

Do your job well, and you will surely be rewarded...

Let me give you a condensed recap of the past several months:

Last October - Employee requests transfer, cites medical need for alternate shift, work location.

Last November - After a month of stonewalling, Angry Employee contacts me to grease the wheels, citing Federal regs regarding request.  I find Angry Employee to be a whiner and a PITA, but he does have a point.

Last December - After 4 weeks of tail-chasing and fruitless negotiations with Angry Employee's department,  advise Angry Employee that department is unwilling to negotiate.  Advise that he needs to either suck it up, or take it to mediation, or outside agencies.

Last January - Informed by Department to butt out, situation is well in hand, Legal is on board with Department's decision, and all will be well.

Last February - Another set of rounds with Angry Employee.   Convince department to seek alternate employment for employee.  Angry Employee refuses to attend job counseling.

Last March - Pow-wow with Department & Legal, all agree that Angry Employee is being a butthead and needs to STFU and get back to work.  Convince them to continue alternate job placement, just to cover all the bases in case of discrimination complaint.

Last April - Wash my hands of the entire affair, do my best to forget about it.

Last May - Angry Employee files discrimination grievance.

Last July - El Capitan called on carpet to give deposition to Investigative Body.  Explains that employee was a whiny PITA, but was given all options.  Department had made decision, and El Capitan had not the traction, pay grade or legal authority to override it.

Last week - El Capitan given the following letter:

"Dear El Capitan,
     The Office of Investigating Stuff has completed its anal-probulation in Angry Employee's complaint.  The OIS *SUSTAINS* Angry Employee's allegations that the accommodation process and decision making was (1) Too Lengthy; (2) Unclear; and (3) Poorly communicated by you.
Go talk to your boss about straightening it all out.

Love, the OIS Crew."


The department won't budge and somehow this is *MY* fault???


I am so not going to be tossed under the bus for this fuckup...

Sigh.  The drinking begins early this week...