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Friday, August 09, 2013

Random Thoughts On Custom Cars

Until It's Funded, It's Just Another Pipe Dream!!

More skull-sweat has been expended in the design process of a custom land-yacht.

I still can't quite shake the idea of a rolling Viking longship.  The thought of me & a dozen friends disembarking wearing horned helmets and waving axes and shields at the Interstate rest area just amuses me to no end...

Then, there's the  rolling party wagon.  Kinda like the Decoliner idea, but with an upstairs balcony and a back porch.  Nothing like kicking back on the porch with a cigar and a tall drink while you rocket down the highway at 70 mph!    I just hope someone remembered to drive, and didn't just set the cruise control.

Y'know, a PTO is such a damn useful thing on a tractor.  Did anyone ever make it a habit of installing one on a work truck?  Seems kinds handy for powering all sorts of things, including the 55 gallon drum margarita machine.  If it can be done, I'd love to have that option available.

I'm pretty much sold on the cab over engine design.  In fact, I'd like to have the cockpit mounted in front of and lower than the front wheels.

Kinda like this, only with much larger wheels:

Of course, the idea is to start with this:

Which leads me to wonder about the wisdom of having the engine behind you and the radiator out in front of you.  Hate to get pancaked by them in a wreck...

I just don't wanna have to climb a damn ladder to get into the thing...

More later...