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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Hammer? We Haz One!!

I Have No Idea Why The YouTube Window Is So Wide...

After many fits and starts and headlong sprints in the wrong direction, I believe my quest for a warhammer is nearing completion!

First blogged about way back in January, my search for a skull crusher has involved several purchases of hickory handles and steel hammerheads, but the winning combination was eluding me.

Even this chrome-plated beauty didn't pass muster.  It needed a full-length pick handle to be even marginally wieldable.

Conan the Barbarian I ain't...  Just too damn heavy.

So, back to the search.

I stumbled across some kids on YouTube hammering things, and they looked like they might have a winner.

Check it out:

Now, I'd sooner pluck out my pubes with Channel lock pliers than give my money to BudK, but I found a seller of that particular "M48 tactical hammer" on eBay!

And now it's mine!!

It ain't perfect.  The handle's a bit slim for my taste.  I'm gonna try a couple of paracord wraps on the grip area and see how that works.  

Failing that, I can remove the head and transplant it into a nice length of hickory.

Either way, the zombies better buy a helmet!!

Not that it would do them any good...