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Friday, July 05, 2013

Yet Another Fried Day

They Don't Warn You About This In Kindergarten!!

I was piddling around with the retirement calculator on The Man's pension website.  I'll actually have enough points to retire in another 10 years, assuming they don't jack up the magic number again.  Currently it's age + years of service  = 75, and you're free to jump ship.  There's rumors that the # will kick up to 78 or even 80 in the next 5-10 years.  We shall see.

It's a moot point in my case.  I'll still be too young for SocSec, (assuming that's still solvent...) and unless I choose to go work elsewhere, my pension alone would make for a life of cardboard boxes and cat food.

So, it's work, work, work until I die, or Obamacare denies me coverage for something and I'm pushed out onto that figurative ice floe to meet my fate.   Sigh.  Row faster, peons.  The shipowner's in a hurry to get to Cap d'Antibes...

I had the worst chili-cheese fries ever imagined by man.  The only way these could have sucked worse was if they were made with that godawful goop they use for chili-related purposes up in Cincinatti.

These were from Carl's Jr., a new burger chain to the area.  I really enjoyed their Bacon Guacamole burger, and their grilled codfish sammich is quite tasty as well.  The CC fries?  Not so much...

The chili consists, as far as I can tell, of salt, Grade D Industrial Ground Beef (think Taco Bell filling) and cumin powder.  No recognizable red chile, and the resulting color when dosed with shredded cheddar looks closer to school lunchroom vomit than a proper Bowl of Red.

Never again...

Think happy thoughts for my buddy Festus.  He blew a gasket up in his cranium, and is currently parked in the ICU while they sort things out.  He's doing OK so far, it seems, but the Powers That Be really need a new whipping boy.  I thought the worm had finally turned for Festus, but it seems he was due a few more slings and arrows before he settles down to bank an outrageous fortune.

And finally, I saw this and got a giggle.  I thought "Well, there's a clever idea, but I can't think of a single situation where I'd ever be in a position to find out what they taste like."

Perhaps they're the key to boinking the scary/sexy Claire Forlani from those "seedious" Dewar's Scotch commercials...