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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

In The Doldrums

Bitch Moan Whine Complain

Alas, the dog days of summer have set in early.  It's getting harder to stay motivated about any sort of online presence...

The best I can do most days is some sort of random snark, usually as a reply to someone else's post.  Coming up with some original blog content?  Damn, that's harder than crapping out a prizewinning porcelain pig.

Had me some tremulous dreams lately.  I rarely have driving dreams, and this is the first time I can remember dreaming about a collision.  Clear as day, man.  Driving down I-10, just past the 610-W split, when the panel van in front of me suddenly jogs to the left, leaving me barreling into the rear of a parked dump truck at about 60 mph.  I had enough time to get a foot on the brake, say "Well, shit..." and BOOM!  Woke up in a tangle of blankets.  Freaked me out, it did...

Work is progressing at the usual pace.  Got a call from one of the Nazgul the other day.  It's nice to know you're known as the go-to guy for certain matters, but OTO, it's less of a good thing that you're on their Rolodex.  Never, ever trust a politician!

Sigh.  I need a week off.   Maybe two.   Perhaps I'll pick a tiny town off the map and relocate to a comfy inn with a stack of books & DVDs.  Mayhap a bottle of popskull.

That idea has promise!!