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Monday, June 03, 2013

For There Was No Joy In Gunville...

No News Is Bad News

...Mighty Capitan had struck out.

No new boomsticks to report on.   Both my primary and secondary choices were snapped up by some nasty creature before I could slap down some cash.

I've been told numerous times to just call 'em up and put down a credit card number.  I could, but that's kinda like cheating the system.  Half the fun is the hunt.  You gotta stalk your prey, and every so often they get away.

Not that I'm completely immune to unsportsmanlike conduct.  If I see a sub-$600 Smith 1917 or a sub-$500 Winchester Model 12 in good shape, they'll get a phone call lickety-damn-split.  Some fish I don't mind shooting in a barrel...

Mercurial critter that I am, I'm now intrigued by the Ruger LCR.  I'll be looking for the .357 version, but the .38+P ought to be sufficient.  No lasers, though.  The $300 upcharge for the little red light is absurd...