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Friday, May 03, 2013

Friday Odds & Ends

Drink, Drank, Drunk.  It's Not Conjugation, It's A Schedule!

Gadzooks, what a week...

Between the NRA at one end of downtown and the peacenik protestors at the other, it's been a fun time.

Got a parking ticket from The Man's roving foot patrol.  I had parked by a meter, then spent 10 minutes trying to get the damned thing to take my credit card.  It kept declining my card, and of course I was without a thin dime in actual currency.   A note left on the windshield to that effect was no help.  A $30 ticket along with a note that says the meter was in working order.    Of course it was...

I've been plowing my way through all the Lee Child "Jack Reacher" novels.  Never read 'em before, and they're not too bad.   I picked up #1-11 at Half Price Books, and the rest through eBay.  I'm on 11 now, and they go pretty quickly.   The protagonist is an ex-Army MP making like Caine in Kung Fu, just walking the earth and helping the poor & downtrodden.

My main beef is that the author is a Brit, and occasionally flubs the idiom.  Also, he knows just enough guns to be dangerous.  There's some odd choices in hardware used by the characters.  (A Steyr GB as a favored weapon?  Really??)

Ladies, I am quite pleased to see the reappearance of short summery skirts.  Long legs and those gusty downtown breezes make my day much more bearable.

A word of warning, though.  Consult a full-length mirror in reverse before heading out.  Twice now I've seen women sporting large purple bruises about the size of a thumbprint dead center in the middle of the rear thigh.   Having applied a few of those myself assisting the placement of ankles behind ears, I applaud your flexibility and commitment.  However, you might consider a longer skirt or some coverup makeup while they fade...

Ever wonder what becomes of those annoying-as-fuck kids from school that used to remind the teacher at 5 minutes to the bell to assign homework, and took great glee in ratting out other kids to the principal?
Well, after they retire, they spend all day churning out emails and phone calls to anyone working for The Man.

Pity we can't drag 'em out behind the gym for an ass-whoopin' anymore.