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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Dewar's? I'm Not That "Seedious"

Fun With Booze Advertising

I'm going to have to remember to ask Eric the SWG (a Scotch whisky connoisseur of some reknown) what he and his Caledonian Missus have to say about those new commercials featuring a very English Claire Forlani adopting a Scottish brogue to shill for Dewar's White Label.

I suppose their aim is to sway the Young & Hip away from the PBRs and froo-froo cocktails into some serious liquor-drinking, a message I support wholeheartedly.  If you can't learn to best a fifth of brown liquor over an evening of drinking, you probably ought to go back to neon-colored shooters involving candy-flavored schnapps and jello.

Still, Ms. Forlani's commercials don't do it for me.  She's urging the "drinking man" to be "seedious" about their tipple, whilst slinking around a posh club with a highball full of Dewar's over ice.

Sure, a woman that appreciates some good Gaelic usque beatha is a rare enough bird to be intriguing, but Forlani shows a comfort level with the Scotch bottle that in retrospect is somewhat alarming.

The casual twist to crack open a new bottle, the double pour in the heavy glass, and the obvious savor of the sweet heat...  Nope, that's a woman pissed off & holding a heavy glass that'll likely be rocketing at your head in 3 or 4 more drinks.

Instead of being aroused, there's this mighty "THHWAPAPAPPP!! sound of my goolies being sucked up into my abdominal cavity at high speed...

Another Glenmorangie for me, please.  And hold the drama...