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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Coincidence? I Think Not...

They'll Get You One Way Or Another...

So, on the same day that I post a supportive comment on a friend's Facebook comment about the soulless insurance industry and their nefarious practices, I get home to find a phone message from MY insurance company haranguing me about a late premium payment and threatening to rat me out to the state DMV for lack of insurance.

WTF?  I log onto my bank account, and sure enough, the check to the insurance company posted YESTERDAY!  So these fuckers had my money, and had to piss in my Cheerios regardless.

How much you want to bet this "late payment" will come up as a point of contention when I try to renew next year?

Don't trust the social networks, y'all.  They're mining data & keeping an eye on you.  You are not the customer, you are the PRODUCT!!