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Saturday, November 03, 2012

Phlegm Factory

Icky Icky Goo!

It's always amazing to me how quickly one can transform from a (relatively) healthy individual into a wheezing, achy snotmonster.

Thursday was a normal day, as far as I could tell.  My seasonal allergies were spiking a bit, but that usually means just some sniffling and nose-wiping.

Thursday evening, however...  Deep hacking coughs, ooky-looking lung-goop and that overall feeling of parboiled death on a popsicle stick.

Friday?  More of the same, tempered with regular doses of painkillers, Mucinex and generic Claritin.
  I'm not really supposed to mix decongestants with my blood pressure meds, but needs must when the phlegm flows...

Did my usual Poker Night on Friday, though I was dragging a bit.  Came out a little behind, but still had one or two really good hands, including a really brutal beat-down on a royal flush with a set of five.  That felt good!

Today?  Mostly horizontal, with brief ventures to the kitchen & bathroom.  In fact, it's time for another nap...