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Monday, October 22, 2012

Facebook Strikes Again

Dodging Bullets Decades Later

How does that line go?  'Better to remain silent and be thought of as a slackjawed yokel rather than post something on Facebook and confirm it to the world??'

Man, this Facebook post just depressed me, skeeved me out, and made me thank my lucky stars all in one post.

The younger sister of one of my school friends sent me a friend request on Facebook some time back.  At the time, I was friending everybody, and not applying much thought to who really needed to remain in the past.  Still, she was a fetching young thing back in the 80's, and I'd devoted some time pondering the prospect of dating her.

I'm sooooo glad that never happened...

Since OK'ing the friend request, my FB newsfeed has been polluted by frequent posts from this gal, griping about her minimum wage job, posting unflattering self-shots from her phone-cam, and bleating confessions of truuuue loooove to her current boyfriend.

The trailer-trash is strong in this one, Obi Wan...

Then, this pic shows up:

As the caption states "Daughter - 7 mos pregnant with grandchild #3."  So, the family tradition is alive and well.  Marry young, divorce often, and squeeze out a shitload of kids.

Posing in a wife-beater with a cheap tattoo whilst sitting outside a trailer just adds so much ambiance and class...