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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Wasted Trip



I knew I shoulda called in with my credit card #.

Collector's Firearms, that emporium of all things stoked by gunpowder, and frequent pillager of my savings account, posted a revolver that's long been on my "Holy Grail" list.

Earlier in the week, they posted to their New Arrivals list a refinished Smith & Wesson M1917 in the manly & effective caliber of .45ACP.  The refinish had killed any collector value, but the reduced price tag put it below even the clapped-out Brazilian imports.

Their store hours and my work hours are pretty much identical, so I didn't get a chance to drop by until this morning.

Now, I wasn't completely ignunt.  I checked their website this morning, and the revolver was still listed.  So, I showered, got dressed, and trekked over to lay out some cash.

And, of course, it was not there.  Sold yesterday afternoon.