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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

LP Gas & Porcelain Dolls

Hybrid Vigor Doesn't Always Work In Commerce!

For years & years, you could drive down S. Cooper Street in Arlington, TX and pass a ratty old trailer park/campground that advertised LP Gas & Porcelain Dolls.

My buddy Rockhauler & I always poked fun at their business plan.  "Let's see.  What two commodities can we pair up and put in the same retail establishment to maximize customer traffic?"

I'm sure the truth is much more prosaic.  Probably the campground came first, the sideline in LP gas came later for all the RV's and bbq grills.  Finally, the spouse's hobby sprang into a viable business, and there ya go.

Anyway, for years it was the weirdest pairing I can remember seeing, until last week.

I was driving down Harrisburg in old East Houston, when I passed a building advertising:


Heh.  That's almost unfair.  Get your clients liquored up, they get popped for DWI, and you're right there to bail 'em out.  I'll give 'em points for creativity, if not for ethics...

It got me thinking about how to top it.  How's this for a bad idea??

Feel free to suggest your own ideas!!