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Monday, October 29, 2012

Waltzing Matilda?

If It Exists, It's On eBay...

So, I bought a kangaroo today.  Not just any kangaroo, either.  A boxing kangaroo!

Alas, it will not be waltzing around a ring.  Just sitting.

It's one of those ceramic desk caddies, meant for holding your pocket change, watch and wallet.  If you saw the movie 'Pulp Fiction', you'll remember the watch hanging on the kangaroo as a plot point that led to the infamous basement scene.

My grandfather had one on his nightstand.  I can recall it sitting there for years & years.  After Grandma went to the rest home, the kangaroo went to my father, but it fell off a shelf and broke several years ago.

So, this will be a replacement.  I have no idea if Dad enjoyed having the kangaroo around or not, but I looked forward to seeing his reaction when Xmas rolls around!