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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Giving Thanks

The Turkey Was Eaten.  The Turkey Was Good!

With an entire hour left on Thanksgiving Day, I suppose I ought to post about what I'm thankful for...

1) Procrastination - If it's not worth doing late, it's not worth doing.

2) Cheetos - I mean, the day's already phuct calorie-wise.  You might as well have a cheesy salty snack.

3) Family - Annoying, intrusive, over-emotional, often psychotic, but often all that stands between you and the cold cruel world.

4) Friends - The glue that holds your psyche together.  I'd have been off the rails years ago without my friends to keep me centered.

5) Continued Employment - All things being equal, being employed is better than not, even if you do work for The Man.

6)  Puppies, Fruit Bats, Sloths, Pangolins, Tree Frogs, Pygmy Goats, Kittehs.  Take your Cyoote however you can get it.

7)  Internal Combustion Engines

8) Air Conditioning

9) Bourbon, Scotch & Rum

10)  Plumbing