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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Keeping UPS In Business

Just Add Water!

'Tis the season for hurricanes!

Mostly through sloth & negligence, I'd let my supply of emergency food either expire or, in most cases, I ate it instead of going to the store.  It's not hard to do.  A can of soup here, a bag of jerky there, and pretty soon all that's left is a couple of cans of tuna and a jar of instant coffee.

So, time to re-up.  This time I decided to splurge on some serious long-term-storage food.  The kind that you'd just as soon NOT eat, but will keep you alive in times of civil disturbance.

So, water first.   Got 12 gallons of spring water in sealed cartons, and 6 flats of bottled water.  Add to that a half-dozen water coolers and three 5 gal. jerrycans that get filled up at the last minute, and I'm set for H2O.  Reminder to self - pick up a ceramic filter and one of those disposable bathtub blivets!!

As for the food, I got a serious assortment of Mountain House dehydrated chow for 30-45 days.  A bit of everything, from beef stew to chicken teriyaki.  It all tastes kinda like ass, but better that that trying to eat the neighbor's Maltese.

Also, a #10 can of pilot bread, aka hardtack.  I'll try to remember to order a can every month to stock up.  The trick with this stuff is to line the bottom of your meal dish with a disc or two, and let it soak up the juice while you eat.  Chewing it dry will lose you a bicuspid for sure.

Just for giggles, I got 2 dozen packets of MRE fruit.  Stewed apples & peaches, mostly.  If you spend two weeks on dehydrated food (As I have, hiking in New Mexico), you'll kill for a taste of something sweet.

This stuff is supposedly good for 25 years.  My goal is to never find out, and give it to someone in my will.

Stock up, kiddies!  It's cheaper than your car insurance, and beats the hell out of cannibalism!