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Tuesday, July 02, 2013

The Nose Knows

Now In Smell-O-Vision!

I've griped before about shoe manufacturers constantly changing styles, so that when you get a shoe you really like, you can't replace it once you wear them out 'cause that model is no longer made.

I'm going to expand that gripe to pit-schmear.    Why can't the makers of antiperspirant/deodorant stick with one particular "flavor"??  I was extremely partial to Speed Stick's Fresh Lime, but they haven't made that in eons.

Nope, each time you go to the store to restock, there's a slew of different aromas, none of which remotely match the name the marketers have paired with it.  There's "Wild Surf" or "Jungle Breeze" or "Poughkeepsie Sunrise" or some other name that smell mostly like a douchebag's sock drawer.

The latest olfactory assault came it the form of Gillette's "Game Time" AP/Deo stick.  You'd think "Game Time" might smell like a cool fall afternoon, with BBQ smoke and beer fumes wafting out of a stadium.

Nope, this stuff smells like Brylcreem mixed with cinnamon powder.  Guess they were aiming for Howard Cosell chewing on a Danish.

Feh.   I'm going back to Right Guard aerosol.  Thick clouds of chemical vapor...

Had a beer jones recently.  As much as I like the stuff, I just don't drink all that often to justify keeping any around.  Still, it keeps getting hotter, and a cool glass in the evening sounded better & better.   So, I packed home a 12'er of the local microbrewery's finest.

St. Arnold's Brown Ale is quite tasty, but 4 bottles into the 1/2 case, it's beginning to cloy a bit.  That sweet aftertaste is getting sweeter after each sip, and I'm finding myself wanting a bottle of IPA to scrub out the palate.  I'm not a total hophead, but I do need a bit o' bitter with my suds, I'm finding.

I'm thinking about picking up a 6 of their Elissa IPA, and trying to do a Black & Tan mix, and see if the sweet and bitter complement each other.  Probably not, but it's worth a try...

I think I've finally found my warhammer.  Stay tuned for details!