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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Right-Of-Way For Ducklings?

A Good Place To Make Duck Pancakes!!

Interesting commute home the other night...

I was almost home, had just turned off the I-10 service road and was headed north on Gessner.  I was just about at the Whataburger when I slammed to a halt.

A momma Mallard was crossing all 10 lanes with her flock in tow.

Heh.  You couldn't rush her, either!  She just sort of trundled across, and would stop and quack at the stragglers until they sped up.
I had the truck all catty-whompus across 2 lanes so no one would whip around me in the turn lane and plow through the procession.  The van next to me has honking and flashing its lights at oncoming traffic.

Somehow they made it across intact.  Dunno where they came from, or where they were going.  That's an area not known for its wetlands...

Anyway, I had a silly grin on my face the rest of the way home!  Baby Ducks FTW!!!