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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Oh, No... Not Again!

Celebration Or Bitch Session?

Another trip around the sun has been completed.  Fully 45 revolutions have been made since I first shuffled upon this mortal coil!

45.  Damn.  That's f*#&^$ng OLD!!!

For the most part, I suppose I ought to be grateful.  I'm alive, employed, got a vehicle and a roof over my head, and barring any major complications, life will keep trundling right along.

OTOH, I'm in marginal health, unmarried with no kids, fat as a boar hog, and growing more solitary & introverted as the years go by.

So, is life good, or does it suck?

Hard to tell sometimes.  Right now I'd say it has the distinct aroma of Suck, but it could be a hell of a lot worse.

I was quite encouraged by all the well-wishes on Facebook.   I know most wouldn't be there if FB didn't remind you, but I'm guilty of that, myself.

Hmmm.  45.  I'm gonna have to crack a beer or two and think about that for a while...