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Friday, July 26, 2013

Canuckistanian Quik-Draw??

It's Like Jousting With Mops On 50cc Mopeds...

I'm a big fan of the Cowboy Action shooting, but in the case of this quickdraw competition, I think they might be gaming it a bit too much.

Lemme 'splain...

With the Cowboy Quickdraw, you've got a sport that values speed over all else.  You're shooting either blanks against a timer, or popping a balloon, or hitting a plate with a wax bullet, none of which require more than minute-of-barndoor accuracy.

Like the IPSC Open class, the equipment has evolved to support this speed habit until the cowboy quick draw gear is composed entirely of gun-like objects, good for making noise, but entirely unsuited for their original purpose, which was inserting lead into your opponent.

This, to me, is missing the whole point of a quickdraw competition.   The OK Corral and the streets of Deadwood were not lined with steel plates and balloons.  It ain't enough to scare the crows, you've got to have the ability to get lead on target lickety-damn-split.

But not with these guns.  Here's an example:

Typical of the sport, it's got a modified hammer for fanning the gun.  The barrels are usually replaced with an aluminum pipe, and the cylinder might be aluminum or zamak as well.  Put a 255 grain lead slug through that, and it'll blow up.  It's meant just for blanks or wax loads.

I like the shooting stance.  Modified Weaver, or is he leaning into that Neo/Matrix bullet time pose?

Here's a "duel".  Yank, slap and put that balloon down!


Here's a custom rig. Like the rail holsters used in IPSC Open, it's great for this game, useless for anything in the real world...

Oh, there's skill involved, as well as a shitload of fast-twitch muscle reactions.  I just don't think it transfers over into the real world.  Let's see them do it with a "Stock" class Single Action Army and 1890's style gunleather!

'Course, that's just my opinion.  I'm as full of shit as the next guy...