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Monday, August 26, 2013

Cataloguing The Collection

Alas, No "Junk On The Bunk" Picture!

Well, the one picture I should have taken, I completely forgot about by the time all was said & done...

For a long time, I'd been needing to get a current listing of all the bullet-flingers in the house, write down some serial numbers and get some pictures taken.

Should the house burn down, I need something to hand the insurance company other than a pile of ashes and twisted metal.

So, on Saturday I swept through the house, gathering up everything firearm-related from all the various nooks & crannies and lined 'em all up for a chorus line.

The line of rifles stretched from one end of the pianner keyboard to the other.  That's the pic I wished I'd taken...

I have more Ruger revolvers than anything else.  Pre-WWII bolt-action rifles are a close second.  I'm woefully short of shotguns, with the 12 gauge SxS coach gun the only one at this time.

I had to guesstimate replacement value on a few of them.  Most of them were in the Blue Book, but there's insurance value, and then there's real world value.  What kind of value can you put on a custom Mauser built on a 1908 Argentine large ring action in .257 Roberts Ackley Improved?  Not a lot of those pop up on the resale market...

Anyway, it's done.  I might post a pic or two, but then again, I've told you too much already!