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Monday, September 16, 2013

Another Week Begins...

401k?  Isn't That The Temperature That Freezes Interest Rates?

I can't quite bring myself to count the remaining days & weeks until I'm eligible for retirement.  The Man's Retirement Plan kicks in when I'm 57, or in 12 more years.  Still, that's not enough to live on, unaccustomed as I am to cat food cuisine and bridge overpass accommodations.   I still need to work until I can draw SocSec and that's assuming it's still solvent in 18 years when I hit 63.

Of course, things will change, I'm sure.   My current "You can quit now" number is 75, which equals age plus years of service.   I can easily see that jump up to 80 in the next 10 years, and no doubt the minimum SocSec retirement will go from 63 to 67 or higher.

Sigh.  Might as well plan on working until they cart me out in the big recycle bin...