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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Back To Work!!

Tuesday Already?

Two tiny days off and the universe just falls apart...

OK, maybe not the entire cosmos, just this little section of it.  I got enough emails stacked up in my Inbox to keep me busy until November.

I was feeling a little squirrely, so I took off last Friday and yesterday.  Friday got spent in deep hibernation, and if it wasn't for a complete lack of foodstuffs that forced me out to scavenge on Sunday, I might not have left the house until Monday.

All the things that needed to get done Friday got done Monday.  Oil change, pharmacy trip, various odds & ends...

I did make a run up to Tomball.  A buddy had endorsed Tomball Pawn & Jewelry as a prime source of retail boomsticks, so I made the 20 miles trek to see for myself.

Nice selection, but mostly new stock.  I was hoping for some bargain bin selections, particularly of the 12 gauge pump flavor.

I left with a bag full of ammo.  They had really good prices on .40 S&W and .32 ACP, so my stock increased by a couple hundred rounds.  I got 50 rounds of Black Hills .223, but the price was just fair on that.

My new obsession is a Colt Commander in .38 Super.  BBO (Back Before Obama) you could get a nice used .45 CC for 8-900 bux.  Now, it seems that $1500 is about par for even a hard-used Lightweight Commander.

Anyway, if y'all run across one in Texas that's in decent shape and hasn't been blinged out for use south of the border please drop me a line!!

Muchas Gracias!