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Friday, September 27, 2013

Tasty Cigars!

Smoke, Smoke, Smoke!!

I couldn't decide on whether to post a long, depressing piece on the State of El Capitan, or just run some funny pics gleaned off of the web.

So, I'll do neither.

I will recommend a few cigars, if you're of the type to indulge.  I tend to drink only rarely, and the threat of a random pee-test keeps me away from the marijohoonie, so my chief means of relaxation is a big comfy chair, a big glass of Diet Dr Pepper, and a big ol' stick of rolled tobacco.

You can drop your blood pressure by several PSI by spending an hour outdoors contemplating the evening and slowly reducing dried leaves into smoke & ash.

Here's a few I really like:

Quesada Oktoberfest - This is year #3 of the small batch Oktoberfest, an all-Dominican cigar blended to mate well with the barrels of beer brewed for the season.  There's several sizes available, but I prefer the Uber, a big 6 x 65 ring gauge monster of a stick.
I've got a handful of the 2011's left, they're starting to show some bloom and I'm torn between wanting to smoke them and wanting to save them to see if they improve further.  I haven't even cracked the box of 2012's yet, and I'm going to get a box of the 2013's in the next week or so.

CLE Cigars - I've tried the Cuarenta, the Connecticut and the Corojo, all in the 6x60 ring gauge size.  They're all great sticks, and taste like they ought to cost about twice what they really do.

They're all made from Dominican filler & binder.  The Cuarenta has a Habano wrapper, and the Connecticut uses an Ecuadorian wrapper.  The Corojo is a puro.

Worth looking for!

San Lotano Oval - I've probably blogged about this one before.  One tasty, tasty stick.   Smooth draw, impeccable construction, and clouds of creamy smoke.  The newest vitola uses a Connecticut wrapper for a slighty lighter taste as compared with the Habano wrapper.  It's OK, but I'll stick with the Habano.  There's also a Maduro-wrapped version for y'all that like a more powerful smoke.

Available in several sizes.  Try 'em all!

Perdomo Reserve 10th Anniversary (Champagne) - A light-bodied smoke, this one is my fallback when I just can't decide what cigar looks the best. It never disappoints.  Well made and even burning, my only quibble would be the somewhat fragile wrapper and the vegetal/chemical tang of the fermented tobacco before you light it.  Once it's burning, it's all good.

Many sizes available, I like the (what else...) 6x60 version in both Connecticut and the Noir.