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Friday, October 11, 2013

One Of Everything?

How Many Do You Need For A Collection?  Just One More?  OK!!

Given that I've already got a bucket full of Ruger sixguns, I occasionally debate the wisdom of starting down the road of trying to complete the set.

There's a local group called the Houston Gun Collector's Association that sponsors gun shows and allows members to show off their collections.  They've got enthusiasts of every manufacturer, WWII specialists, and their displays at the shows are always interesting.

All you need to jump in the game is a display board and some knowledge of what you've got.  I have no idea what their membership dues are, but it can't be all that much.

What is expensive is filling out that collection.  There's so many directions to go.  Do you know how many different variants there are on just the Ruger Single Six .22 revolver?

Then, there's Old Models and New Models.  Brass frame, steel frame, polymer frame, double action, single action, this grip, that grip, fluted vs. unfluted cylinders, blued, stainless, case-colored, and so on.

Ah, there are worse hobbies, I suppose.  You could always collect yachts or cross-eyed grizzly bears...