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Monday, October 07, 2013

A Major Pain In The Ass

The Trials And Tribulations Of An Aging Marshmallow

Y'know, you'd think someone with an ass as big as mine would have no problems sitting on it...

My ass is increasingly intolerant of having my body perched on top of it. I'm starting to get some discomfort in my tailbone.

It might be this crappy office chair, but my chair at home does the same thing.
I'm reminded of that episode of 'King of the Hill', where Hank Hill was diagnosed with a disappearing ass.  He ended up having to get some sort of gel-pad appliance to strap onto his keister.

Sigh.  My ass looks as big as always.  It's surely not disappearing.  

Maybe it's just getting chewed away from the inside out by The Man's minions...