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Friday, October 04, 2013

Slowly Grinding To A Halt

Some Critters Are Too Ignunt To Lay Down & Die...

I probably mentioned this before, but at a blogmeet way back when, the discussion turned to the future of blogging, and Jimbo said something to the effect of "Are we still gonna be doing this when we're 80?"

Man, I wish I knew...

So many of the bloggers I read before starting this one have hung up their spurs and gone on to other things.  Hell, Jimbo hasn't updated his since last June.   More than a handful have ended theirs due to a sudden case of death catching up to them.  The Book of Face seems to be the primary means of people posting things online.  Not being an Instagrammer or Tweeter, I can't say how much goes on there.

Years past I was pretty rigid about posting once a day, whether I felt like it or not.  Now it's a good week if I get three posts up, and in terms of creativity or effort, they don't come close to the early days of Baboon Pirates.

So, when to pull the plug?

I don't have it in me to do what a few bloggers have done, just walk away after burning the house down.  I don't know how much time got spent writing all this crap, but it seems an awful waste to just delete the entire thing.

OTOH, leaving it up is like owning a slowly decaying structure, growing more and more out of date and less accessible as links break and sites wither away.

I've made quite a few friends as a result of blogging.  Shutting it down won't necessarily end the friendships, but it does chop off their window into my affairs, leaving me out of sight, out of mind, and eventually forgotten.

Well, it's not like I'm much of a social critter to begin with...

Just for giggles, here's my blogroll, condensed into who's posted within the last month or so.
To the commenter who asked why I never update my blogroll, well, look for yourself.  With all the dead links, it's just too damn depressing!!


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