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Friday, November 15, 2013

Ein Pickelshei├če

Vinegar + Cucumber = 1/2 Hour On The Can

When the hell did pickles become a laxative???

I used to be able to plow through a bottle of Claussen Dill halves, or a jar of midget sours and suffer no more ill effects than a temporary spike in my body's saline level.

Recently, I got some of those refrigerated single-serve jumbo dills, and without fail, within a couple of hours I'm clinging on to the rim of the shitter trying not to take flight!!

I've got no clue whether or not sweet pickles will have the same effect.  I stick with dills & sours to minimize the calorie hit.

Sigh.  Maybe I need to start pickling broccoli & cauliflower.   Those tend to back things up quite firmly...