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Friday, November 08, 2013

Answers To Questions

Setting The Record Straight...

There were a few questions & comments left on some previous posts.  I thought I'd take the opportunity to reply.  Ever since Haloscan cratered, I've been leery of trying to carry on a conversation in the existing comment system.


The pic with the long-armed dude, tranny and elephant:   From a sketch called "Find The Fish" from Monty Python's brilliant (and highly underrated) film 'The Meaning Of Life'.

Mambo's in Houston does indeed have squid.  I've had it fried, but I'd like to try it grilled.

Basa?  Not preferable to local catfish.  Preferable to eating gar or tilapia, though.  And I ATE THE RED SNAPPER, DAMMIT!!

No, I didn't create the Baboon Tsunami cartoon.  Wish I had.  "Monkey Sea, Monkey Doom" is a stroke of genius...