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Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Clock Strikes Ten?

Can't Blame This One On Odd Food...

Mondo bizarre dream last night...

Y'know those mashups you see on YouTube where they mix up two different bands into one song, and playback the result?

Sometimes it works, other times it sounds like crap.

And sometimes, you dream about it...

I was onstage with the members of Styx and Cheap Trick, and we were playing 'Surrender'.  I was on drums, which was even more bizarre since A) I don't play drums, and B) WTF did the Dream Police do with Bun E. Carlos??

Actually, it sounded pretty good. The song kept morphing into 'Grand Illusion', but I'd just hit the drums harder to "reset" the song.

Just before I woke up, I was telling a friend of mine that the next act on the bill was KISS & The Kinks.  Kinda glad I missed that show...