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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Alas, No Moore

Another Hole In The Blogroll...

Word came down the pike last night that blogger and dachshund wrangler extraordinaire Sam Moore aka "Yabu" had shuffled off this mortal coil.

I first met Sam and his lovely wife Barbie at one of several BlownStar meets here in Texas, and later out in Tennessee.  We had a mutual admiration society in each other's firearms.  His term of approval for a nice boomstick was "That's a badass ride!"

Sam could tell a story!  His topics ranged from adolescent hijinks to offshore sailing to rocketry in ill-advised locales.  My favorite was his "Elvis made my hotdog!" tale.  Ask me at a blogmeet, and I'll repeat it.

Sam's phrase when it was time to leave was "I'm gonna break for cover!"  Well, he broke for cover one last time, heading for the great Stretchengeti in the sky.

Gonna miss you, Sam!  You were one of a kind!