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Monday, February 13, 2006

February '06 Range Report

Where We Learn We Are Woefully Underequipped

I went out shooting last Sunday with Zibig & the Cisco Kid. Mostly .22 plinking with S&W 422's and a Beretta NEOS, but I brought along my Springfield Armory .45ACP and the .45LC Vaquero just for giggles. Cisco Kid also brought along his 9mm Browning Hi-Power.

We were having a pretty good time flinging rounds downrange, despite the chilly weather. We'd trade pistols back and forth, letting everyone get a feel for unfamiliar firearms. I got bit pretty hard by the hammer on the Hi-Power. I'm spoiled by the extended beavertail safety on my .45!

Big Bada-Boom! Zibig tries out the .45 Auto!

Winner in the unfamiliar category was the Vaquero. Despite his nom de blog, this was the Cisco Kid's first foray into single-action revolvers. I could tell he didn't groove on the slow reloading process, but he liked how it handled recoil. He shot OK with it, once he figured out how to "walk" the rounds into the bullseye.

I finally tried out the Cor-Bon defense loads for the Vaquero that I picked up over the New Years break. Holy recoil, Batman! After those anemic black-powder equivalent reloads I've been shooting, these were a handful! Quite accurate, though.

Little did we know we were about to be visited by.... Ferrari Man!!

He arrived driving a fiery steed!

We were in awe of his sartorial splendor. How could our humble jeans and khakis measure up to the Crimson Stallion Windbreaker? With matching red Ferrari hat and earmuffs? The pants with velvet racing stripes down the leg! The Ferrari Man knows they cannot!

Even the Ferrari Man's red Ferrari shoes and red Ferrari range bag radiated good taste and breeding!

Those shoes... The Manolo would give his eyeteeth for those vent-equipped streamlined claret sabots... They will be mine!!

So, there it is. A good trip to the range, interrupted by the stark realization that we were not worthy to continue in the presence of... Ferrari Man!