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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Running Low On Gas

Kiss This Saturday Goodbye!

Sigh. I shoulda asked for today off, but there was just too much going on that I couldn't reschedule it all.

So, instead of doing what I'd like to do, which is spending the day skulking around Houston's nether regions with FlyGirl (who's on a layover until late this afternoon), I'm hooking up caffeinated sodas intravenously in order to keep the motor running until tonight when I can get home & crash. I'll end up sleeping all morning Saturday too, but that's what they're for, IMHO.

Met FlyGirl ("Don't call me a stew!") in the wee hours last night up at El Mondo Aeropuerto when her plane got in. Thanks to her huge conglomerate of an airline's newfound liquidity, it was on time, just arriving really frickin' late at night.

Killed time after work by heading up towards the airport and doing some book shopping, and also amusing the waitress at a Thai restaurant by using my satay like one of those Lik-M-Aid sugar dipping sticks, dunking it into the peanut/chili sauce and slurping the sauce off before finally taking a bite of the chicken. Damn, I loves me some Thai peanut sauce. Gonna whip me up a bucketful one day and dunk my haid in.

Later, at a 24-hour airport Squat & Gobble, FlyGirl and I ordered cheese-stuffed jalape├▒os and a faux-chocolate waffle with seaweed-laced ice cream (on different plates, mind you...) to munch upon while we discussed the problems of the world. I avoided any mention of Ted "Three Drink Minimum" Kennedy, and she avoided mention of G.W. "Borders?? Who Needs Borders?!?" Bush, so for the evening we were able to avoid resorting to fisticuffs, which was nice for a change. ;-├×

Forgot to twist her arm about being assimilated into the blogging collective. Heck, if she can make money hawking secondhand Masonic dishware on eBay, surely she can get a handle on Blogger.

BTW, FlyGirl, the Illuminati called. They want their teapot back...