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Monday, February 06, 2006

Buddy, Can Ya Spare A Shrimp?

A Real Kidneystone Of A Superbowl

Well, it wasn't all that bad, I suppose. Two teams I couldn't give a rat's ass about playing in a town I never want to visit, with a halftime show performed by the undead. What's not to like?

Well, for starters, you can get out of your car at Zibig's house, set your icy-cold Super Gonzo Gulp full of Diet Coke on your car roof, then set your 2/3 full bottle of bourbon next to it. Then, when you open your trunk to pull out the food for the Superbowl party, you can watch the Super Gonzo Gulp tip over, bumping into the whiskey bottle and sending both crashing to the pavement below. Fun!

Fortunately, that episode of alcohol abuse was the worst bit of the evening.
OK, the Whopperettes commercial was even worse, but at least it was over in 60 seconds. The misery of having no bourbon to cushion my brain through all the crappy commercials lasted all night...

Was a good night for gorging on shrimp, though. I brought over 4 pounds of cold boiled shrimpies and a $h1tload of spicy cocktail sauce. The Cisco Kid showed up later with another 2 lbs of nice spicy shrimp. That and the guac & chips and sammiches and Zibig's crappy beer led for a nice cozy feeling by the 3rd quarter.

Zibig's party pals "J" and "R" also came over, and while we all begged Zibig to release his death grip on his BBQed Little Smokies, we were ultimately denied. Rumor has it Zibig likes 'em so much, he's inserting them into every available bodily orifice for ultimate pleasure.

So, another Superbowl come & gone. One of these years I'll actually remember to put some money down on the game...