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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Welcome Back, Graumagus!

That Vacation Took Too Darn Long!

Looks like Graumagus is back in the blogging game! After an extended hiatus, he's back to putting posts up at Frizzen Sparks, and he's just as curmudgeonly as ever!

As an added bonus, Mrs. Grau has tossed her bonnet in the blog ring as well! Two-Fer!!

Now, if we can just get them to come down from the People's Republic of Illinois for the Texas Blogger Bash in April... We might just convince them to leave that blighted land for good!

Side note to Zippo: I'm gonna give Grau your slot on my blogroll, and demote YOU to the "Good Stuff But Infrequent" category if you don't post something!!! C'mon! Just a quick "I'm Alive!!" message! Wottsamotta U?? Forget your Blogspot password??