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Monday, February 13, 2006


I Berate Thee, O Mover Of People

Long wait in cold rain
No sign of commuter bus
Fictional schedule!

Plush commuter bus!
Local routes use rusted wrecks
Being poor must suck

Dark Transit Center
Winos pee on brick shelters
Smell blooms with the dawn

Little weasel girl
if you desire a husband
shave those furry legs

Driver missed my stop
Ignorant motherfucker
I'll burn your house down

Older bus today
Rattle & Hum isn't just
a U2 album

Lady on cell phone
please, we all just beg of you
shut your bloody yap!

Sharp high speed corners
shrieking wheels, pulling hard G's
Maniac driver

I'd like to sleep now
Long ride downtown, hard work day
please stop your farting!

Pretty girl on bus
I'd like to lick her earlobes
Damn, she's just sixteen

Big puddle of oil
fast bus, hard bump, pierced oil sump
Driver fucked up good

Bus supervisor
sleeping on company time
your drivers mock you