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Monday, December 02, 2013

Holiday Aftermath

Turkey For Me!  Turkey For You!

Anybody wanna buy a slightly used turkey??  I think there's still a leg & a wing left...

Thanksgiving came a little late this year.  Due to the "make-it-up-at-the-last-minute" schedule planning of my sister and BIL, dinner with my parents was delayed until Friday afternoon.

It wasn't a complete fiasco, far from it.  I actually got to go out for a slab of dead cow with the parents on Thursday, and we managed to get a real turkey on the table once the Central Texas crew showed up.

Oh, there was a minor bobble or two. The cranberry sauce and the Brussels sprouts never made it out of the fridge, and Dad threw out the turkey carcass after deboning it.  I was gonna make soup stock, dammit!

Still, as holiday meals go, it was far from the worst I've ever had.  Ask me sometime (when I'm in a good mood) about the Thanksgiving of the Blessed Video Camera.

In other news, the wandering chicken is no more.  The word is that the neighbor's pig crushed it, then ate it.  I still haven't laid eyes on this pig, but my BIL swears it's over there.  He got a picture of it to send to his hunting buddies, 'cause after freezing his ass off in a tree stand waiting for a feral hog to wander by, he finds a pig just lying around in suburban Houston...

I'm seeking a Houston-area gunsmith that specializes in 1911s.  Specifically, someone that can fit barrels to slides, and slides to frames.  My quest for a 1911 Commander in .38 Super has got me thinking about building one from scratch, but there are some things that I don't have the tools/jigs/etc. for.  Anyway, if y'all know someone who does quality work, drop me a line!