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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Weird Sh!t On EBay

Fun Ideas For Xmas Gifts!

You never can tell what's going to show up on eBay...

I've been ordering bits & pieces for an ongoing bullet-flinger project, and I stumbled upon a really great idea!

Remember those Wrist Rocket slingshots?  I wrote a piece years ago about experimenting with razor-edged fender washers as fodder.

Anyway, there's a few people selling some awesome ammo for them.

No, not the little (and expensive) steel ball bearings.

Instead, dirt-cheap pellets of taconite!

Yup, little spheres of iron ore.  Just the thing for de-braining a wandering skwerl or knocking an annoying blue jay off the fence.

I'm sure if I lived up in Minnesota, I could get a truck-bed full for pennies a pound.  As it is, they're going for a few bucks per pound on eBay.

If all else fails, you've got a handy memento of the Edmund Fitzgerald...