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Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Perpetually Perplexed

First, We Hang All The Lawyers...

I am at a complete loss to understand why some things are engineered in such a manner as to be intentionally difficult to the end user.

Oh, I know...  "They don't want you futzing with it."

OK, fair enough.  If that was the case, though, they'd have welded the lid shut...

Sigh.  Sorry to be obtuse.  I'm trying to alter a non-essential piece of safety equipment on a bullet-flinger, one of those lawyer-mandated liability-reduction gizmos that impairs function and would be completely unnecessary if the Four Rules were observed.

Anyone know the best way to get a smooth pin out of a blind hole?  I've tried magnets, banging on it, freezing the surrounding area, and I'm about to go buy a non-marking deadblow hammer and wallop the snot out of the reverse side in hopes that it pops out.

Feh.  If I hadn't already spent $20 on the replacement bit, I'd say "to hell with it..."