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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Discretion in Concession

Y'know, 12 years ago I was absolutely sure that GHWB would refuse to concede if Clinton won the election. After all, he had the backing of the military. Bush Sr.'s crew had told us repeatedly that Clinton was a dope-smoking draft dodger who would sell us out to his Russki overlords. Besides, there was still war to be waged overseas. We needed to stay the course, add a few more points of light. All that B.S.

I'm fairly certain I was sitting with Andy & Laura that night in 1992 when the returns came in. We were either at her apartment or at Mike & Steve's odiferous cathouse. Either way, we all rejoiced when Clinton whomped up on Bush.

10 weeks later, Bush moved out, the Clintons moved in, and we had yet another peaceful transfer of power. My fears of a Republican coup vanished. I secretly breathed a sigh of relief now that I knew a draft would not suck me into the armed services and into a foreign land to go die for oil.

I was a LOT younger then. Full of piss & vinegar and ready to take on the world. Fuck the establishment! Power to the people! How about a war for broccoli, you fascist pig!

I was also very, very naive. Most political positions I held then I still hold today, so consistency wasn't the issue. It was a lack of real-world knowledge and age-gained wisdom. I thought I was a weird sort of Texas Democrat ( a very conservative Democrat, anyway) , but I knew I didn't fully support their entire platform. It would take a few more years before the Libertarian in me bubbled to the surface.

Next Tuesday evening, we will see an ugly sight. The mainstream media, stung by last election's early call gaffe, will be less on the stick to declare a winner. What they WILL do is air every little grievance, real or imagined, in an effort to generate controversy. Remember, no one gives a shit about good news. Bad news makes the good ratings. This will add to the chaos created by packs of rabid lawyers filing suits as fast as their little paws can write them out.

Personally, I predict a Bush win, but by only 10-12 electoral votes. Not nearly enough for a mandate, but one clearly a win via legitimate means. This, of course, will immediately be challenged by the Dems as a matter of course. Hell, Nader may throw his hat in the litigation ring. In response, Bush's crew will fight just as hard as Gore's did in 2000.

I can't say what will happen next. It may go to SCOTUS, in which case Bush will more than likely prevail. He will then be essentially worthless for the next 4 years as the shrieks from the left raise to deafening levels. If Kerry manages to get enough votes, he'll probably face a handful of challenges, but nothing too serious. Bush won't be happy, but since the Repubs will control Congress (btw Andy, Frost is gonna have his ass handed to him by Sessions...) they can stand to have Kerry in the White House, knowing they hold most of the purse strings.

My friend Kevin claims this is the best form of government, when one party holds the White House, and the other controls Congress. That way, he says, neither side can do much damage.

There will be no coup, though. Even Republicans know it's bad for business.

Anyway, sorry for the ramble. It's late, and I'm gonna call it a night.