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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

I'm Never Swimming In Lake Conroe Again!!!

OK, so back in October my buddy Jeenyus and I went and visited our gaming buddy and fellow Ghost Recon :SOG clan member Zippo at his bikini babe video-shoot in Galveston. (I just wanted to give y'all another peek at the eye-candy!)

Zip's the Executive Grand High Creative Producer Pooh-Bah for this vacation resort company, and does these video shoots at resorts all over the US and in the surrounding banana republics. Jeenyus & I also visited him back in August at a shoot up on Lake Conroe, about 20 miles north of Houston, TX. We watched a lot of footage (and butt-age, and breast-age) that his crew shot, and saw some of the vidcaps that would make it into the company's promotional sales DVD.

But I bet he didn't get this while he was in Conroe... and it damn sure won't be in the final cut for customers!

These pics were sent to me by a friend. He told me they were taken from a helicopter flying low over Lake Conroe. Looks like someone got a deer without a valid hunting license!!

Now, we don't grow real big deer here in S.E. Texas, but that doe's still 4 foot high at the shoulder. So, that's at least a 10-11 foot alligator, and might be as long as 12 feet.

We had a similar sized gator living in Grand Lake at the Strake Boy Scout camp when I was a kid. Grand Lake is only a 4-5 miles south of Lake Conroe, and both are connected with the San Jacinto River. So, whatever's in one lake can get to the other!

Let me tell you, when you're out at night paddling across the lake in a canoe and your flashlight hits those glowing eyes poking out of the water, your nutsack pulls right up into your abdomen! That ol' gator's eyes looked like you could fit an axehandle in between them.

So, if you vacation at Lake Conroe, best keep the terrier on a leash, and maybe the toddler, too!

UPDATE: Just found out these may not be legit... Apparently someone else had these photos attributed to the Kennedy Space Center and points beyond. We'll just file these under "Who tha heck knows!"