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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Beware of Random Immaturity!

Through Sheila, I ran across a contest to write -themed haikus. God help me, I couldn't resist...

Results are as follows:

Sid Vicious shoots smack
Elvis dies on the toilet
KISS still rules the world

Kabuki makeup
Amps stacked up to the rafters
Can't wait for the show

Ted Nugent opened
KISS then took the stage and then
Blew the damn roof off

Thirty six years old
You'd think my tastes might change but
you would be quite wrong

Simple loud cock-rock
Cartoon show for teenage boys
Just embrace your youth

There's a prize for the winner. Most of the entries are trashing , as I would expect. Let's see if I can prevail over the nattering nabobs of negativity!