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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Lay It On Me, Baby!

Ever wanted to ask a pointed question of El Capitan? Maybe one that you don't feel like asking me directly? How about one you think I might dodge? How 'bout something that's just silly?

Well, now's your chance! Take the kid gloves off and slide me a curveball. I volunteered to be a sacrificial guinea pig for the Extendo-Grilling project of Jennifer Larson at her blog "Jennifer's History & Stuff". She's one of those pseudo-expatriate MuNuvians, but we won't hold that against her!

I'll answer everything to the best of my ability, but I'm probably gonna have to dance the little sidestep around my specific place of employment. Other than that, I've got no real secrets. Except for who killed JFK & the identity of Deep Throat. Those tidbits I'm taking to the grave!

Submit your ANONYMOUS questions to: by 6 p.m. Central on Wed. February 2nd.

She'll compile them and forward them to me. I'll answer them in a somewhat timely fashion and give them back so she can post them on her blog. After she gets a week or so to soak up all the linky-lovin' shared-traffic goodness, I'll probably repost them on my blog.

Oh, I already answered the African vs. European swallow airspeed problem in an email a while back, so find another question!