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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Bonfires and Carnivals

The Bonfire of The Vanities #82 is up over at Sharp As A Marble. I'm surprised it doesn't get more traffic, with Wizbang being its progenitor. Perhaps it's the redheaded stepchild of the Carnivals!

Also, The 23rd Carnival of The Recipes was posted last week at CalTechGirl's place. I thought I forgot to link it, but it appears that I did, after all. OK, I blame the ramen for warping my brain. So, a double-plug for the COTR.

Keep an eye out for the Baboon Pirates appearing in the Carnival of The Vanities either tomorrow or Thursday at Raving Atheist. I'd like to say it's a sure bet, but I was left out on a previous Carnival (though the host was very gracious and did apologize!). I'm also certain I offered up a selection on defending capitalism from the Red Horde in the Carnival of the Capitalists for this week at Business Opportunities, but I was either hallucinating the submittal, or I got 'forgotten' again. Damn the eeevil KKKapitalists! It's all Cheney's fault!! It's... it's... HALLIBURTON!!! Aieeeee!

If you haven't guessed, I'm back to blog-whoring in a big way after a couple of weeks off. The good news is my traffic has grown in spite of the lack of link-whoring, but it can't hurt to spread the Gospel of Buccaneering Baboons a bit more. Cast a little bread upon the waters, then shotgun all the foolish duckies that approach to nibble! So sayeth El Capitan!

Got a nice link from the Acidman today. Most kind of you, Rob!

OK, back to grinding out unworkable solutions to undefined problems in a vain attempt to make the terminally ignunt happy. See ya 'round the galaxy.